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The A23H chronicle


Achter Atem (Laubhuette Production 02)


"Seven breath", an album by Korean saxophonist Kang Tae Hwan, is the only source for this remix work by Harth, who used exclusively sounds from Kang's alto sax to conceive a kind of aural network which works at various levels of efficiency. Is this a soundtrack for a series of hallucinations? A new kind of ectoplasmic minimalism? For sure, the different plans upon which the German artist lays his perspectives of creative modification are an involuntary example of "static conceptual movement", a paradox in definition but not far from what we concretely hear. Droning loops constitute a sort of parallel authority that hosts long melodic phrases spreading their wings in infinite reverberations, while snippets of gorgeous tone are ruminated and re-distributed within structures whose limits are only designed by our disposition in that very moment. The flanging echoes and unstable oscillations utilized by Harth for the large part of the tracks represent the immunity from boredom, colouring the music with a sense of impendence which is "Achter Atem"'s strongest asset.

In Touching Extremes